2022 Speakers

Tanvie Hans

She is an Indian-born British professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Misaka United in the Karnataka Women’s League. She also plays for Karnataka women’s football team. Previously, Ms. Hans played for English clubs Tottenham Hotspurs and Fulham and later appeared with Sethu FC in the 2017–18 Indian Women’s League.

Ashok Deshmane

He is founder of an NGO named Snehwan – a home for children of marginalized and drought-affected farmers. Sounds Interesting, right? Through this project, he decided to adopt kids from families where a farmer had died by suicide. Mr. Deshmane has won numerous awards, including the Zee TV real Hero award and the Social Innovator – University of Washington.

Saheli Chatterjee

She is founder of an agency named Ambifem – dedicated to growing brand presence on social media. She has grown accounts from scratch both organically and with paid ads. She has a dedicated youtube channel where she posts videos on her skills, book reviews, and her experiences and learnings from freelancing. 

Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur

Meet The Prince of Udaipur – Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur. He is a Philanthropist, Educationist, Sports Patron, Business Leader and Six times Guinness World Records Holder. Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur has voluntarily and consciously dedicated himself to public service, upholding the cause of righteousness.

Chirag Bhandari

He is Founder and CEO of Ennoble Innovations. He is also an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant. He identified and empathized with the challenges of rural school students. He started the mission YeloGreen in 2018 and provided the students with eco-friendly and recyclable desks, mats and other basic necessities. We’re so excited to hear from such a great humanitarian!

Shivani Singhal

She works at an organization called “Dharohar”. This is the description of the organization – Dharohar is a social enterprise that delivers structured corporate volunteering, focused on learning and development which maximize the benefits to community, individual and business. I helped set up the first programme in 2012 and returned in 2015 to grow the organization. 

Jasmina Khanna

Being diagnosed with Celebral Palsy at birth never stopped Jasmina Khanna from winning at life! While she can only type with one finger (her left hand’s index finger), she has built a successful career as a software tester, with an expertise in web and database testing. She completed her schooling from ADAPT formerly known as Spastic Society of India.

Commodore Varun Singh

He is a Navy Officer & Gallantry Award Winner. An alumnus of Kendriya Vidyalaya Kochi and National Defence Academy who was Commissioned on 01 Jul 1993. Carrying on the unfinished dreams of his father and uncles, he completed one of the most demanding and longest physical courses of the Armed forces, the Clearance Diving and Marine Commando course (100 months).